The Bryn Mawr Bookstore was founded in Cambridge, Mass., in 1971 by alumnae and is staffed by volunteers. Our mission is to provide financial assistance to Bryn Mawr students meeting need, and all profits go to the College. Over the past forty-four years we have donated over one million dollars to Bryn Mawr’s scholarship funds!

We sell books both at our store at 373 Huron Avenue in Cambridge, Mass., and online through Abe Books.

All books we sell come from donations. We do not buy books.

We are currently accepting donations ONE BOX or BAG at a time. Please read the Donation Guidelines carefully.

  • We gratefully accept donations of books which meet our Donation Guidelines.
  • Donations are tax-deductible
  • Dealers are welcome
  • We take cash and checks, but do not take credit cards.

Contact us at:  brynmawrbookstore@gmail.com

Visit the Lantern Bryn Mawr Book Store in Washington, D.C. in Dupont Circle


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